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Exceptional Healthcare for Your Pets
Committed to providing exceptional healthcare for your pets, Hoover Road Animal Hospital proudly offers the following services for our diverse clientele:

Annual checkup appointment

Our doctors perform a full physical examination and appropriate vaccinations. It includes examination from head to tail, checking eyes, ears, teeth, skin, and body condition. The attending doctor listens to your pet's heart and lungs, palpates abdominal area.. read more


Keep your pet’s chances of being at risk for a serious or fatal infectious disease at bay with routine vaccinations and preventative medicines throughout the year. We can provide you with an updated copy of your pet’s medical record for your convenience.
Cat vaccinations
Dog vaccinations


Spaying is the surgical removal of internal reproductive organs (both ovaries and uterus).
Neuter is the surgical removal of male reproductive organs (testicles).

The best way to prevent unnecessary breeding is spaying or neutering which will help fighting pet’s overpopulation.

Early spaying prevents female dogs and cats from ovarian, uterine, and mammary diseases. Neutering prevent male dogs or cats from developing prostatic problem, or neoplasia.

Dogs and cats spaying or neutering reduces the incidence of some behaviors problem like marking the house with urine, roaming around, and fighting.

Veterinary Dentistry

Dental disease is a common problem for dogs and cats especially as they are getting older. Bad breath (halitosis) is one of the most common clinical presentations of dental disease. If your pet has a painful mouth is can lead to loss of appetite, becoming less active, or depressed. read more

Heartworm testing, prevention and treatment

We recommend getting your pet tested for Heartworm infection every year. If the test comes back negative, your animal can be started on heartworm prevention medications. If the test comes back positive, we recommend starting the treatment of your dog. read more

Pain prevention and control

Pets suffer from pain just like human beings do. Sometimes it is hard for them to show us how much pain they are in or where it hurts. We do not want your pet to be in any pain and we try to do all we can to prevent and control it. read more

Fecal Examination

We strongly recommend checking your pet’s fecal samples annually for indoor pets, and every six months for outdoor pets.
A fecal flotation is a test performed in-house at HRAH as a way of diagnosing internal parasitism in your pet. The microscope slide is examined thoroughly for the presence of different parasitic organisms (eggs, oocysts and worm larvae).
Our veterinary technician will collect stool sample from your dog or cat during the consult, using fecal collection loop. Alternatively, you, as the owner, can assist to get a diagnosis by bringing your pet's fresh stool sample into the hospital for fecal flotation.


Being infected with internal parasites your pet can suffer from vomiting and/or diarrhea, weight loss, poor hair coat. Some of the parasites can be transmitted from your pet to the owner so it is strongly recommended to get your pet regularly checked for internal parasites, and treated as needed. we recommend..


At Hoover Road Animal Hospital we offer professional grooming services 4 days a week. We have one certified groomer with over 12 years experience and many hours of continuing education. Pets visiting us for a groom get the full deluxe treatment. read more


We offer boarding for dogs and cats. Boarding prices vary by the size of the pet and is charged by how many nights the pet stays with us. All boarding animals need to be up to date on vaccines and a current fecal sample. It is preferable that you bring your own food so your pet’s diet does not get changed. Any blankets or toys are allowed as long as your pet does not have a history of ingesting toys, etc. We do go by appointment which we prefer to be made a few days to a week in advance if not sooner. The pet must be picked up on the day written down upon drop off unless notice is given.

Flea control and prevention.

Flea infestation can cause a lot of problems for your pet and actually to owners as well. Adult fleas bite pets and humans causing itching and in some pets severe allergic dermatitis. Your pet will scratch and bite itself which can cause development of bacterial skin infection. read more


We highly recommend microchiping your pet which is the best way of permanently identifying of your pet. read more